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HO Entry Bargarh

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HO Entry Bargarh Name of the Artist Name of the Father/Husband Name of the Art Form Name of the Art Form BKSS Reg.No/Date Date of copy enclosed Gender Present Address Permanent Address Education Qualifications(matric of Above copy enclosed) Head of the Institution/Name of the Guru along with address & Mobile No. Whether the institution Registered under SocityReg.Act 1860 Yes/No (Certificate Enclosed) Head of the Institution/Name of the Guru along with address & Mobile No. Role of self in the Art form Monthly Income Whether received any Scholarship/Naional Scholarship/Research Philoship (details of copy enclosed) Received an assistance scholarship(Before/Now) Present Profession During of the Training Training in which Organisation Accredtion (if any) AIR/DD(If Yes, Certificate enclosed) Mobile Number Whether Awared District/State/National(Govt.Non Govt.)
1 Ramesh Chandra Prusty Gokhei Prusty Palakara Palakara 01/01/1939 Male Vill-Amrutamanohi, Po-Nikirai, Via-Indupur, PIN-754211 Vill-Amrutamanohi, Po-Nikirai, Via-Indupur, PIN-754211 10th
2 Nirupama Pratap Sridhar Nayak Pala Pala 27/06/1971 Female Vill-Patia, Surya Bihar, Po-KITT-Fashionist Store, Khorda Vill-Kakatapur, Po-Badihi, Via-Badapada, 754245 Basudev Pani, Vill-Itakandia, Po-Balia Basudev Pani, Vill-Itakandia, Po-Balia Palia Pala Sukarpada Yes
3 Madan Mohan Mohanty Brajananda Mohanty Palakara Palakara 27/03/1945 Male Vill-Badapada, Po-Badapada, Via-Patamundai, 754245 Vill-Badapada, Po-Badapada, Via-Patamundai, 754245 9th Palia Yes Yes